Why Smartphones are best for travellers ?

There are many reason to take a smartphone whenever we travel. Smartphones really help us to limit the usage of other gadgets and as it is compact and easy to carry saving the space, i think that’s a big benefit.


  • No need to pack a separate flashlight, map, calculator, music player or GPS device.
  • There are thousands of useful travel apps out there that work offline, there are also some photo editing apps which helps to do some color corrections for your photos.
  • It’s easy to get connected when you need to, even if you’re not using cell data. Most of the Cafes, airports and train stations usually have Wi-Fi.

Also, some of the smartphones nowadays comes with a better camera. I use Nokia Lumia 925, and for bigger surprise this smartphone has a better camera which also gives freedom to use manual settings.


  • The biggest con is battery life as most of the smartphones lasts for a day
  • Viewing websites which are not mobile friendly, annoys a lot

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