The Wild Side of India

The spicy food that’ll make you sweat, the busy streets that’ll make you gasp for air and the bazaars that’ll test your cruising skills like never before: India is an eclectic mix of many things jostling (even a simple rickshaw ride), with warmth and love at heart! If this is how the everyday life here exists, imagine the Nature at its utmost raw! The untameable waters in the South, the haunting emptiness of seemingly unending flat desert of the West, the unexplored wilderness of the North east and the impossible magnificence of the Himalayas in the North: these are some places where the sheer intensity of the life is at its extreme wild. And if your soul feeds off the adrenalin rush, you must try the following for one of the best feasts of your life.

Snorkelling with Elephants in Andamans

Snorkelling with Elephants in Andamans

If going to the extreme depths of the waters is not something that you’re looking for, then snorkeling is a good option for you, that provides the same calming hum of being under water. And the Andamans take the experience to another level. When indulging in the activity here, the under water wonders are not all that you have to look forward to, because, there’ll be an elephant swimming by you! While the flora and fauna underneath are a treat to watch, the very weight defying magic of water will keep you in wonder as the mammoth creature glides by gracefully. 

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Paragliding in Ladakh

Paragliding in Ladakh

If having just a bird’s eye view isn’t enough and you want to experience how it’d feel to be winged creature, paragliding is your answer. Swift over the snow capped mountains and lush greens at a height of more than 4000 m above sea level. You can battle the strong winds brushing your face either alone or simply take a joyride accompanied by a professional. Living the thrill of a no man’s land between the earth and the heavens will be an experience you’ll keep going back to. 

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Heli Skiing in Rohtang Pass, Himalaya

Heli Skiing in Rohtang Pass, Himalaya

Imagine rushing down the snow, with nothing but absolute pristine whites reflecting off the sun rays! Taking skiing to its adventurous extreme is heli skiing in Rohtang Pass, where you’ll be lifted by a helicopter at a height of 14000 ft and dropped on a slope. As you criss-cross down the otherwise impossible to climb slope, being the first one to leave your marks there is a high in itself. However, being one of the most extremes of activities, it’s for the brave hearts who consider the thrill to be ‘higher the better.’No matter where in India your destination is, what your preference of ride is or which of the Nature’s element you plan to play with, each of these experiences are sure to make a nervous diver into an adventure addict. 

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Tiger Safari in Ranthambore National Park


Once the hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, Ramthambore National Park, located in Rajasthan is spread over an area of 392 sq km. A wildlife enthusiast’s and photographer’s dream, the place is an intriguing mix of Nature, wildlife and history. There is the ancient fort towering from atop a hill and more ruins scattered all over the park. Located at the junction of Aravalli and Vindhya hills, there’s plenty of flora and fauna and also water bodies present across the park, giving it a picturesque look. And of course there are the famed tigers that have good chances of being spotted at their wildest, i.e, while hunting! 

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Caving in MeghalayaCaving in Meghalaya

Squeezing your way through claustrophobic spaces, spooky and outlandish: if jumping off a height is not enough for you, take on the mentally stirring challenge of caving in Meghalaya. There are the Nohkalilkai falls and the 7 Sisters falls and the Mawsmai caves, which are the deepest caves of Asia that you can explore. There are also numerous limestone caves and as each of them yield to an unknown place, the thrill lies in every step that you take towards your destination. It’s not fast, it doesn’t end in a flash, but it’s a slow and testing activity for the patient souls who like the intense rush to be strangely slow, imbibing every speck of it. 

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Off-roading in Kutch


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28,000 sq km of barren land, meeting the horizon as far as your eyes can comprehend, with scorching heat as the companion. The salt marshes of Rann of Kutch make for a unique off-roading experience as you zoom through, slicing the land with your wheels. Comprising of Greater and Little Rann, the vast wilderness stretches all the way to the Arabian sea from north western Gujarat. Pick your ride of 4 or two wheels as you cruise the land, hauntingly empty with no signs of vegetation or humans.

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Ultralight Flying in Coorg

Ultralight Flying in Coorg

Have you ever had that dream where there’s a stretch of green and you’re running, arms outstretched, ceaselessly? Ultralight flying in Coorg is that dream come true, but only better. As you fly at the height of 5000 ft, the view of coffee plantations, rice paddies, hills, valleys and more will take your breath away. Soon as you get used to the flying, there are the likes of spiral dives, where you lose 3000 ft in a matter of seconds, providing for that stomach churning thrill. Coorg is the first place in South India to start this sport, providing the photographers in particular with the much longed eagle’s eye view. 

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Dandeli River Rafting


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Battling the waters that’ll make you breathless while spotting the heartbeat-skipping wildlife by the banks is a truly adventurous experience. Deal with the aggressive splash of water amidst splendid flora and fauna on the bank and rugged terrains as the backdrop. While the River Kali promises a thrilling time, the town of Dandeli is a good place to spend your evenings at. A mix of nature spotting and adventure in terms of the waters and the wildlife, Dandeli will satiate your rush cravings. 

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Ziplining in Neemrana Fort

Ziplining in Neemrana Fort

An overview of history taken literally is what the adventurous zip lining in Neemrana Fort is. As you take the 2 km zip line, you get an aerial view of battlements, hill forts and ridge tops. With the picturesque Aravelli Mountains of Rajasthan as the backdrop, the activity starts with a trek uphill and ends with zipline exit with a brief information on the place’s history and culture. There are world-class safety equipments and professionals to guide you, so that all you have on your mind in that gushing feeling in the stomach as you zoom down the line.

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