Bought a car and planning on a trip!!! Here are a few tips to help you go on a Happy Trippin

Calm Cruising

The very phrase “driving long distances” is thrilling, but it is very important to not go jab the throttle like a maniac – remember you are not driving to set a time/speed/distance record. High Speed driving is definitely fun but doesn’t last long, it drains out the energy of the travelers, leading to fatigue. Most importantly it is quite taxing on one’s pocket. Of course, that doesn’t mean one should drive slow. Just maintain a steady cruising speed and try not to swindle it too much. The secondary benefit of cruising is better fuel efficiency from your car, which means your driving range considerably increases and you make fewer fuel stops, effectively making your journey quicker and smoother.

Lane Discipline

Lane discipline is a very important aspect of highway driving which speaks about maintaining a single lane and hence becomes critical when you are driving long distances. Switching back and forth between lanes can be a pretty tiring exercise and this kind of strain is something that anybody would not want – you’ll miss out the fun!! Following lane discipline keeps you and other vehicles around you smooth and safe, when your actions are predictable, it increases the safety margins on the road.

Traffic Judgment

This is one skill which needs to be developed while crunching the miles on a highway. Reading traffic is something that will come with experience, it calls for an active involvement by the driver – keeping your eyes on the road doesn’t work when your thoughts are wandering. Once you are able to predict the traffic flow around you, the intentions of the vehicles near you, it will be rather easy to figure out the path of least resistance through it.

Relaxed state of mind and body

On an additional note, it is important to stay relaxed while driving long distances – keep calm and drive safe. Staying alert is equally important. So don’t get too fastidious behind the wheels. Maintain a relaxed posture but keep your eyes – mind on the road and hands on the steering wheel. Avoid pedaling the clutch too often, it can be stressful for you and your vehicle.

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