A chemistry graduate by degree and a traveler by heart

Hey there.. I am Divya.. popular as Di…. A chemistry graduate by degree and a traveler by heart. A true Goan, love to relax and get hyper only the night before the travel, because of mere excitement to explore. I am a Photographer by profession and expertise in family/children/infant/food/wedding photography, basically everything.

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Traveling is like searching for peace to me. The pleasure cant be measured. You explore new places, meet new people, try new cuisines, enjoy nature and the beauty of the place u visit.

Black and white- Man meditating

If you travel so well you will always have loads of stories to tell and every story has a better impact, if you have photographs to show, better still videos. Thats how I associate the two together- Photography and traveling, It goes hand in hand.

ercaud, Tamil Nadu

To top the experience further, you must travel on a budget and make the most of eat, travel at nights so u save on accommodation, or eat in temples and gurudwaras to save on food and spend more quality time in enjoying the place.

I call myself a shoe string traveler and and love to visit a new location everytime.

Orange sun rise with orange glass

For aspiring travelers be careful and also prepared to loose a lot during travel and let go. Many things are at stake like belongings, sleep, friends, people. However all this makes the experience.

So go ahead.. you have have one life.. Travel through safely!!!

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