Savanadurga is located about 60 kms from Bangalore towards Magadi one of the largest monolith hills in India! The hill rises to 1226 m above mean sea level, At most places the slope is 70-80 degree, which makes it a challenging trek.

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There are 2 hills Billi Betta ( White Hill ) and Kari Betta ( Black Hill). To trek up the hill and back it easily takes about 4 hours, ideal to start early as afternoons can get really hot in summers. Please carry your water, fruit juice etc.,amazing little spot just out of Bangalore, you can do a short bike trip to this location.

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The monolith here is inviting and you would want to trek up to the summit for the most amazing view! best time to go here is at dawn or really early in the morning.

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The sights will just blow your mind! Carry water and food , there are very few options available, Apart from the pilgrims who visit the famous temples on the hill, other frequent visitors are rock climbers, cave explorers, picnickers and adventurers. There are few Mountaineering Club organize week end treks to Savanadurga

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