Sahasra linga

Sahasra linga in Sirsi is one of the heritage site preserved from Government of India. Sahasra linga is 15kms from Sirsi, and is situated on the river Shalmala. According to history it is believed that the lingas was carved during 1677 – 1718 under the rule of Raja Sadashivaraya. There are 1000 lingas here and each linga have their own story.

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During rainy season all the lingas gets submerged due to the rise in water level. All the lingas here have Nandi carved in front of it.Also there are carvings describing the story of pandavas during their vanavasa and many other mythology related stories.

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During shivarathri puja will be performed for all the lingas.The native people say that there was a art school here, where training was given for the students for carving on the rocks, thus resulted in thousands of lingas.

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Another story is Arasappa nayaka did not have children. So as per the suggestion of royal priests, the king got thousands of lingas carved and worshiped them, as a result he got children.

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Sahara linga is one the place which has lots of mythological stories and mysteries, to uncover those mysteries travellers diary recommends you to visit the place and explore , also you can enjoy the beauty of western ghats during the journey.

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