The Ugly Indian – Creating Better Indian Cities

The Ugly Indian – Group of motivated volunteers who are beautifying the Indian cities. They call cleaning the street as “Spot-Fixing”.

TUI recognises the spotfix as a success only if:

  •     It lasts for at least 90 days.
  •     It requires no ongoing supervision.
  •     It is low-cost (ideally free) and easy to implement and replicate
  •     It changes the behaviour and attitudes of all concerned
  •     It creates minimal disruption in the daily actions of everyone concerned (nobody should lose a job, lose a source of income, or get seriously inconvenienced – because it takes only one Ugly Indian to undo the good work of a hundred others

TUI Products:

teereBin : tereBins are dustbins provided by TUI for public use

WonderLoo :Wonderloo is an open urinal that protects the privacy of the users

ugly indian travellers diary (1)

Photo Credits : TUI

Info Credit: Wikipedia

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