Nehru Trophy Boat Race – Alappuzha (Alleppey)

After all hurry burry reached the venue, but was confused get the tickets, Somehow a officer at village office (Bala) helped us in getting tickets for the finishing point of the race(ticket charge: 500rs for 2). We had to take local boat to reach the venue which was in the middle of the lake. Somehow reached the venue, it was heavily crowded.

boat race alleppey travellers diary (3)

All photographers were lined up in the corner and we joined them oping to get a better picture from that end. It took almost 3 hours for the actual boat race to get started. So until then there were police boats which was roaming around, and some advertisers, and some really amazing people of alleppey cheering for their team, enjoying in their usual way, by holding a bottle in one hand and a pickle in the other hand. Some of them were playing drums and dancing to the tunes of it , whereas some young boys enjoyed by diving to the lake and dancing in the lake.

boat race alleppey travellers diary (2)

So the boat race started all cameras were focused and was waiting to get that perfect picture as soon as they came near us, but the unexpected happen. as soon as the boats came towards us the crowds started cheering for the team by standing , shouting and coming in front of the camera, but somehow managed to get this picture at the right time.

boat race alleppey travellers diary (5)

What i learnt is ” It really doesn’t matter if i am in the right place at the right time, but i had to click that button at the right moment, I really got to know the value of a millisecond that day”.

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