Ettina Bhuja

Ettina Bhuja is a hill near mudigere which looks like Ox’s hump. The trek to Ettina Bhuja is  is about 4.5 -5 hours. Travellers usually climb from Shishila (near Dharmashtala) and get down from the other side to reach mudigere.


Most of the climb is inside the dense forest, so always carry first aid kit, and protection from leeches and also some safety measures. Drinking Water can be a problem, so it is better to carry enough water before starting the trek. There is a stream before the climb starts near Shishila and 1 km before the top.


We can stay and take rest near the peak. Mudigere – Kottigehara route is just 2 kms away from the peak. So before starting the trek plan accordingly and arrange a guide for the trek,  as the forest is very dense there might be chance of going missing and also it’s not safe to trek  without the guide.


Travellers Diary recommends everyone to visit this place in winter, the best time to view the clouds pass by and great time to witness the Western Ghats range.


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